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About Mindiverse

The original idea that led to this name is based on two words: mind and universe, which means a vast space to explore within our mind. The combination of these two words mind(un)iverse, fortunately, coincides with another combination, mind(d)iverse, which means the diversity of human mind due to the numerous possibilities in the vast mind space. In the domain “mindiver.se”, the dot helps highlight the noun ‘diver’, synonymous with ‘explorer’. Everyone is a mind explorer, isn’t it? Moreover, the way to explore the mind matters, that is, only via a proper (but not necessarily unique) way to explore the mind can we truly embrace mind diversity. With this appreciation, we can eternize our compassion for others, sticking to our belief that love can conquer everything.

Mindiver.se 域名最初来源于两个英文单词: mind (内心) 和 universe (宇宙),组合出来就是 mindiverse,凑巧的是,这也可以是 mind 和 diversive (多样的) 的组合。这英文的“一语双关”恰好表达了一个美好的含义:我们的心灵空间像宇宙一样广阔,所以我们每一个人都有不一样的内心。每个人都是一个 diver (潜水者), 跳入我们自己的内心空间去探索,去寻找自己。这个探索过程逐渐让我们发现大脑活动的规律,让我们去真正拥抱人的多样性悲悯天下。还是那句话,爱能战胜一切

Cico (C. Zhang) and Joyce (H. Liu) initialised Mindiverse to explore something beyond the materialistic world — it is all about the mind. Cico is a thinker and researcher, Joyce is an independent writer and journalist. They want to awaken the awareness in people of the multiple and incompatible realities, and the solution to peace and creativity from within. Mindiverse won’t be a personal brand but a signature of all great minds. They hope to create a spiritual community of these minds to positively influence this world and make the world a better place from within.

Cico (C. Zhang) 和 Joyce (H. Liu) 开创了 Mindiverse 来探索一些物质世界以外的东西 — 一切都是关于内心世界。Cico 是一个思想家和研究者,Joyce 是一名独立作家和记者。他们想唤起人们的一种意识,即这个世界存在多种且未必兼容的现实,以及从自己的内心来寻平静和创造性。Mindiverse 不是一个个人品牌,希望它能来象征那些卓越的头脑。他们希望能够为这些精神领袖们创建一个社区来积极的影响这个世界并让世界变得更好。

Mindiverse also has a Chinese name called 曼谛悟思, which has a very similar pronunciation to Mindiverse. The Chinese name means beautiful true requires everyone to observe, feel and reflect.

Mindiverse 的中文名字是曼谛悟思,旨在表达“曼妙的真谛需要每一个人去感悟和思考”。


Mindiverse is offering very diverse content about the mind, from the very basic meditation technique to philosophical understanding of the nature of mind. That’s why the form of the programme is also very diverse.


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